Spoiler, the Dog Dies

And then he comes back to life through the magic of reincarnation.

After managing to get all my shit together… well, enough of it that I felt I could reward myself… I decided to treat myself to a movie and I went to see A Dog’s Purpose because it didn’t look like it sucked. Well, actually, most of the movies playing right now don’t look like they suck. Maybe Split, 50 shades darker, and Monster Trucks, but 6 out of 9 movies is a pretty good ratio of good to total movies playing.

I’ll start right now by saying that if you do not like crying, then this movie is not for you because this movie made me cry several times. I mean, if there weren’t other people in the theater, I would be bawling out loud. But I’m not an asshole and I did my best not to cry like a baby (I failed, but at least I did so quietly). To put this in perspective, when I watched Inside Out, I did not cry as much or as hard.

There were some happy parts, and the end did make me happy cry too, but this is a sad movie in the best possible way. This is a great movie. The characters are complex and even when they let life embitter them, you see why life has them bitter. Everything is so relatable that that you can’t help but laugh at the little moments, and cry when things are at their worst (ie. the dog dies). This movie doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that life is hard, but it also says that it can be good if you let it. Life WILL disappoint you, loved ones WILL leave you, and often you get in YOUR OWN way as much as any outside force will. That being said, if you let someone else into your life, be they dog, cat (the movie didn’t have much to say about cats, but if my cat is any indication, you need cats too) or person, love them and be good to them, then you have a chance for happiness.

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