Rewriting (If you’re interested in Twisted Us, this is slightly spoiler territory)

Well, in some good news I think I’ve decided on a name for my upcoming comic that I’m happy about. On July 2nd, I’ll release the first pages of Twisted Us. A story of three lost interdimensional travelers trying to find their place in the world, the limits of their powers, and eventually a way home.

Last week I had hit a block in the story, and as I tried to figure out what was wrong, I realized that the story doesn’t make sense. Nothing the characters are doing really makes any logical sense. Characters are lying when they don’t need to, causing problems they didn’t need to, and generally their actions have become more and more awkward to write. I realized the problem wasn’t that the characters were wrong, but I was still working on an early draft of the plot, but the characters have changed from who they were back then. Meg (who is now Baf, backwards Fab because of how she feels about herself) isn’t just some manipulative sociopath with a body count behind her. She’s someone who grew up being told that she had inherited the multiverse, but when she didn’t live up to other’s expectations, they began treating her like a Lesser, and eventually she was abandoned on a world that’s volatile to almost everyone who could save her.

Swiss (now Hale) isn’t some happy go lucky fool who’s interested in everything. Although he still is that, but he’s someone who was told he wouldn’t amount to anything. He couldn’t see the world like everyone else, he was much better at seeing the cause and effect of physical objects but not psychic causes. He can’t keep his form straight and has been told that the only possible hope for him to live in society is to become an aquaplete (a member of society that stores water and that’s all they do). If it wasn’t for a Greater named Jass, who thought Hale was very interesting and took him to see the multiverse as his scioplete (a member of society acts like a hard drive, holding all new information, which is like being nobility for Lessers or being enslaved for the greaters). Earth is the only world that he’s been on because Jass was ordered to examine the world to see if it’s still hostile. Hale feels like its his fault that he couldn’t protect Jass from the pressure of Earth. In a way it is, but Baf was purposefully blocking him.

Hap (still Hap because I like the name) was always the hardest to put into the story because I didn’t really know what I wanted her to be. While she doesn’t have the same disability as Hale, she too is very good at changing her form. She is actually a genius at seeing the psychic threads that guide society and doesn’t act blindly. She’s joined a group of revolutionaries who want to turn the aristocracy into a democracy where the hive decides who is born and what their purpose is rather than a group of Greaters. Her group is religiously guided believing that Greaters are blinding people to the True, the force that can change reality at will, and that the Greaters only use a cheap version of it. She wanted to prove how weak the Greaters actually are and destroy the concept of Greater and Lesser so that the people can rule themselves. While stealing information from the Greaters, she gets caught and banished to the world.

Now that I’ve got a better idea of their history and what they want, maybe I’ll be able to create a better story out of this. I do know that the first book is about them escaping our world, which is easy enough. After, I don’t know. There are a bunch of large plot points that I’ll have to cut out of the story to make it work with these characters. Meg was going to kill Hap in the original story, but I’m not so sure that would really happen. Since both Baf and Hap’s goals are along the similar lines (ie. get back at the Greaters), they might forge a friendship. Hale is happy as long as he doesn’t feel in the way. His arc will be all about him trying to see his own value and figure out what he wants to accept in his life. In the end, because he is worried only how he feels and now what others think, he actually becomes the strongest Vola in existence. Baf gets halfway to where Hale reaches, but she’ll take a wrong turn at Albuquerque, and is swallowed up by her powers.

Hap… I still don’t know. I don’t know why she’s such a mystery to me. So, she wants to get home along with the others. Okay. When she gets home she wants to continue with her revolution, using Baf as a new tool, a martyr for the people to rally around. Okay. But now I’m worried about things getting too political at this point. That just sounds boring to write. Unless, Hap doesn’t make it home. Maybe she dies in Book 2 rather than book 1 in my first plot. Maybe she sees democracy gone wrong and that challenges her beliefs in a way she can’t handle, she tries to fix it to how she wants it, but that attacks her back. She won’t accept Baf’s anarchist views, and shatters herself. I actually like this idea. This will happen in chapter 7 of book 2. It has been decided.

Man, character driven plots are hard. It’s much more fun to write plot driven stories because the characters react, make a decision or two, but the plot comes to them. Writing this feels like I’m trying to balance three volatile chemicals and make sure they don’t explode.

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