Guilty Relaxing

So, I probably shouldn’t be relaxing because I’m behind on a few things. I really need to create a better buffer for I’m Not Okay, and I’m working on a comic and I’m really behind where I want to be on that if I want it finished before I plan to launch it. I’ve also got school applications, cleaning, various online classes that I like to take. Basically, life is a buffet, and I’m the person who is making a food tower because I want to get my money’s worth because I paid 30 dollars to be here and damn it if I’m going to make sure I don’t have to eat for the next few days. Only instead of paying in money, I’m paying in the seconds of my life. So even though there’s a whole lot of better things for me to be doing, I’m just watching YouTube videos.


Of course, I want to make excuses for myself, I just want to say “Well… the meyer’s brigs test say that I’m not a planning kind of person… so that means I don’t have to worry about planning my time because it’s best spent in bursts.” And while I won’t deny that I do work in bursts of energy, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t schedule my time, especially when I’ve grabbed a full serving of everything and I’m going to empty my plate goddammit.


I’m hoping saying this out loud would make me more productive, and it’s kind of working, as long as I can fight the urge to do more of nothing.

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